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Working with you 

As part of the ESiNET group and our shared customer charter, we will:

keep you informed of the process and of the progress we are making in delivering our services to you;

• communicate with you clearly and politely, explaining any necessary technical or health and safety requirements, including those we will need you to adhere to;

• arrange to visit you to undertake the inspection services at a time to suit your business demands wherever possible;

• keep to our arranged appointment and notify you if we are likely to be delayed in arriving at the agreed date and time;

• provide you with a diligent and competent inspection service in accordance with the applicable regulations to help you meet your statutory health and safety obligations;

• provide you with a report in a prescribed format as soon as reasonably practicable and within the timeframes set down in the regulations; and

• meet our obligations in respect of reporting imminent danger and serious defects to the relevant enforcing authority.


What you can expect to receive from us

We will:

• examine your plant and equipment in accordance with the regulations governing thorough examination of such plant or equipment; and

• issue you with a report which details our findings and advises you what remedial action you must take.


How we deliver your services

We will:

• ensure your Engineer Surveyor is competent to undertake the examinations and equipped to communicate the results of the examination to you in a timely manner;

• keep you informed about the progress of your plant examination programme including any items which were not available, not prepared or not functional to permit completion of the examinations; and

• endeavour to revisit your site within 7 days of our visit to complete any outstanding examinations due to unavailability or lack of preparation or functionality.

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